New wells in India and in Africa

The lack of drinking water in many areas of India and Africa has a devastating effect on children's lives, not only because of water's vital importance to the body, but also because the children have to help their mothers carry water from distant sources, and are thus forced to skip school.

Mother Teresa Children's Foundation, thanks also to the contribution of other MTCF entities, has financed the construction of a well in Darfur, southern Sudan, and one in Zimbabwe. Children can go back to school and their mothers no longer have to travel long distances to sources of water.

The Foundation has also provided support in India, in cooperation with other MTCF entities, helping with the construction of new wells in addition to the ones previously built in Bangalore. These constructions improve the quality of life for many families, who no longer have to take water from unhygienic sources.

"Now I can go to school with the other children", says Aalam after he waits in line to get his water at the new well. He thanks the staff at the MTCF home, and walks to school with new hope.