Q Who is Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation?

    A Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation is an international charity that works to end poverty and suffering among precious children and their families. We have been growing and expanding to where we are today, following the example of Mother Teresa by helping many of the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged people, thanks to the generous gifts of people like you. In all of our programmes we work with local residents to make the most of their knowledge and experience. We work to fight poverty and injustice worldwide, reaching the poorest and most vulnerable people and helping them with food, shelter, work, education, and healthcare. We are a registered not-for-profit organisation. Our registered charity number is 1114982.

    Q Who is behind Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation?

    A Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation is governed by a local Board of Directors or trustees according to local law. In addition, we have various advisory boards that help us evaluate programmes and raise support for specific programmes and projects, as well as govern the operations of programme partner charities in receiving countries.

    Q Are you connected with the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta?

    A We take no financial or organisational support from the Missionaries of Charity based in Calcutta, India. However, we do share the same desire to honour the legacy of Mother Teresa by helping the poorest of the poor throughout the world. By joining us to help rescue suffering and needy children, you are participating in this legacy with us.



    Q Who is Sister Myrna?

    A As the International Advisor to Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation, Sister Myrna Velasco is dedicated to carrying on the legacy of Mother Teresa to rescue the poorest of the poor all over the world. Her heart of compassion and selfless service is recognised by all those whose lives she has touched.



    Q What kind of programmes do my donations help?

    A Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation uses your donations and gifts to help needy, disadvantaged children through feeding programmes, outreaches to street children, orphan’s homes, water wells and emergency and disaster relief, as well as to pay for the administrative costs needed to ensure that our charity operates at the highest standards, along with supporting vital fund-raising efforts.


    Q In which countries do you assist child care programmes and projects?

    A We support programmes to rescue and care for suffering children and their failies in many parts of India and Africa, including the devastated countries of Swaziland and the Sudan, as well as other countries throughout the world.


    Q Does any of my donation go to fundraising or administrative costs?

    A Yes, but it is a very small portion of your gift. Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation knows that the more money we raise, the more we can help suffering children around the world. We spend money on fundraising so that we can continue to make people aware of the plight of these children, and to build up a strong base of supporters who will continue to give to help needy children for years to come. We see it as a long-term investment in the lives of these children.


    Q How do you use my donation?

    A Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation seeks to give loving care to the poorest of the poor in our world today. We do this mostly through supporting feeding programmes, children’s homes and orphanages, rescue operations, and community development. You can be assured that your donation is being used to help a child or a family in desperate need.

    Q How can I make a donation to MTCF?

    A We can accept donations by cheque to help needy children. You can send a cheque to:

    Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation

    PO Box 481
    Windrush Park Road
    OX28 9HL


    Q Can I make a donation online?

    A Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation is now able to accept donations online through the globally recognised secure processor PayPal. Please begin by choosing any of the ‘DONATE’ buttons located throughout our website. Thank you for your care and support for the poorest children and families around the world.


    Q How can I remember Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation in my will or make a bequest?

    A Thank you for thinking of Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation is this way. Although making or changing your will is simple it is important that you consult a solicitor or professional advisor and ask him/her to make Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation a beneficiary of your will. He/she will know the proper way to do so within the confines of the law. We are so grateful that you want to include us in your will. These bequests mean that needy children will continue to receive the care that they need for years to come.


    Q The photos of children in your mailings are upsetting to me. Why do you use such photos?

    A Our photos are sometimes graphic because there are situations that require our immediate attention and we want to honestly and accurately convey to our donors just how much need there is. If you find them too offensive please let us know.


    Q I’m moving; can I change my address? I’m getting married; can I change my name?

    A Of course you can, and it’s a very simple process. You can e-mail us your changes using the contact link on our website, or you may write to us and include your changes when you send your next donation simply by crossing out the old information and writing in your new name and/or address on your mailing label. We will change your information as quickly as possible, but be aware that the process could take as long as 6-8 weeks to take effect, so we kindly ask for your patience during this process.

    Q How did you get my name and address?

    A We receive names from many sources. You may have donated online and given permission to allow your name to be shared with partners, or you may have opted in to a mailing list. There is no way we can know the exact reason your name appeared on our list.


    Q How do I remove my name or the name of a deceased loved one from your mailing list?

    A It is a simple matter to be removed from our mailing list. When you receive your next mailing, please write clearly on the reply card: “Please remove my name from your mailing list” and we will do so as soon as possible. Within 6-8 weeks you will no longer receive mail from us. You can also send us a note with your request to be removed by e-mail at our contact link.


    QWhy did you send me identical mailings twice in one week?

    A We apologize if you are receiving duplicate mailings. We may have received your name more than once through different sources with a slightly different spelling, or when we input your information to our computer database your name may have been misspelled and our system recognised it as a different name. Please contact us and we will get the duplicates corrected immediately.



    Q What is your legal status?

    A Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation is organised as a charitable, not-for-profit corporation as defined by the laws and as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) as defined by the United Nations.


    Q Will MTCF give me a receipt for my donation?

    A Yes, we provide receipts for any donation over £15. Please contact our office at any time if you would like us to send you a receipt for any donation and we will be happy to provide one for you.


    Q Is my donation tax-deductible?

    A Your donation should be tax-deductible in most cases, but you should always check with your tax advisor to be sure that this is true in your case, as well as for any changes in your local tax laws.


    Q Are you tax-exempt?

    A Yes, we are a tax-exempt charity. Please check with your tax advisor if you have any questions concerning your local tax laws.


    Q You send such lovely gifts in your mailings. Can I purchase them?

    A We’re so happy you like your gifts. Unfortunately, we usually only have enough gifts for that particular mailing, so there are no extras available.



    Q Can I sponsor a child through Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation?

    A No, we are sorry, but child sponsorship is not available through MTCF.


    Q Can I adopt a child through Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation?

    A Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation believes strongly in adoption and many of the programmes we partner with provide children for adoption. However, we are not an adoption agency. Please contact your local adoption agency for more information on this worthwhile endeavour.