Engagement in the Heart of India

The Mother Teresa Children's Foundation is committed on a daily basis to combatting malnutrition in many Indian towns. From the slums of Bangalore to the region of Orissa, as well as the state of Madhya Pradesh in central India, the Association has always been close to children and families by giving them a hot, nutritious meal.

In the city of Bangalore, we move with the mobile kitchen "Anna Vahini". It has a 75 km route in a day and reaches and distributes food to children unable to move because they are too weak. Dr. Sajan George Kavinkalath, president of the Mother Teresa Children's Foundation, said: "Very often children are so hungry they are unable to reach shelters where they can receive food and care."

The "Mother's Kitchen" has given hope and joy to many children, such as Alia and Sonia, two inseparable sisters, whom we are now glad to see smiling every day. The time spent with the children is also used to teach them important rules for good hygiene. Our programme is aimed at preventing the occurrence of diseases caused by poor living conditions, intervening where necessary with visits, and medical care.

Over the last year, our operations have expanded even to remote areas of Orissa, where many poor villagers are starving. In villages like Nadagiri, Anandnagar and Raikia, we feed a total of about 5,000 people. Further north, in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, we have worked with a local partner to train nutritionists and district coordinators. Thanks to our funds it has been possible to train 65 people who will now work to help the problem of child malnutrition in the area.